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Briar & Bramble

The Bramble Basket

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Our Big Bramble Basket is a gorgeous mixed Hyacinth Planter, coming in a range of surprise colours from whites to blues to pinks, complete within our big rustic basket that’s lined, so once the bulbs have finished blooming this year it can then be re-used for the next plant to inhabit. It’s topped with natural moss and fern mirroring the beautiful British countryside hedgerows and forest floors, with a support network of budded twigs and creeping Ivy growing up through the moss floor.

Give something this Mother's Day that will last through for weeks after. Then once the bulbs have finished, they can be planted out into the garden to continue to bloom year on year. The gift that keeps on giving.

We will be delivering throughout the week leading up to Mother's Day, including Saturday 18th March and Sunday 19th March.